Saturday, November 3, 2012

trueGODtv - City of Refuge: Bishop Noel Jones - Live Broadcast

trueGODtv - City of Refuge: Bishop Noel Jones - Live Broadcast
Forgive me, I did not get the text. I missed it as it passed across the screen.

Come Out of The Mountains!

You Have Been in That Spot Too Long.

First, let's give honor to God, and how he has made a way for Bishop Jones to take a much needed vacation. Congratulations on the Black Caucus Enlightenment Convention. We heard that you left an empowered message with the men of that convention. We continue to encourage you, and your Entourage as you attend these great meetings.  We thank brother Joe Paul for his wonderful feedback about our "Bishop" and how his message affected the men at the convention.

I Use the Keys (Mt. 16:19)

I pray that Bishop's anointed word, and God's Holy power will bind all the trickery that will come against your life and will be returned to its senders. I speak the transforming word of God on the minds of the male community, and I loose every death hold and every generational seed of bondage that is a part of their past.  I release new and greater depths of understandings that they will bring forth positive enlightenment through God; and they will experience a closer encounter of the Holy Spirit that generations can be released from the bondage of old sin. Restore in them a right Spirit, and create in them a clean heart,renew a right spirit, Oh Lord.  Lord while we experience the transition, we ask that you will build up and tear down all strong holds, and release into the body of Christ a new refreshed oil of the anointed word. Amen.

I believe that the gifts of your visionary are many, and its "demand" is such that it is overwhelming at times, because it is not enough "visual aids"  to help carry out all the missions that God have placed in you. I say to you, (Bishop Noel Jones and the City of Refuge) good Job. God rested on the seveth day and left us "an example" that our bodies can and will wear down.  Easy does it, and restore and replenish the mind, body, and Spirit.

Evangelist Platt (COR) September 23, 2012, 8 A. M. 

Have you every been in a place, or a state of mind that your brains seem to cry for more knowledge, and more rejuvenation of a cognitive word from the Lord. Maybe you have experienced a place that seem dry, and your Spirit's palate has been thirsting for a new word from God?

Well, today is that day.  Evangelist Platt (City of Refuge) gave us a "new word" from the Lord, and she brought forth a word that loosed binding chains, and she spoke a "freedom of the mind word" for those who have been sitting on their (seats-of-do-nothing) and are ordained to do good works.

Remember, the Lord is still our shepherd and he has sent forth his word to remind us that unless he build the house; the foundation will not stand. Our spiritual homes are built on faith, and it is faith that keeps us searching for the true and living God. The Just shall live by faith and not by sight. We must consider, when God speaks to us: It is divine instructions, and if, we receive the instructions, as such; we will see the move of God in every faith base operation that we are called to fulfill.  (St. John 15:3-5) Now you are clean through the word, which I have spoken unto you. The scripture states, "God is the vine and we are the branches and apart from him we can do nothing".   Get Up Church Sitting Down: God Cannot Use You Sitting Down.

Even the branches on a tree expand with the proper elements.

We must grow and gain knowledge that is sustainable, and It is substantiated by the word of God through the elements of life.  Low self esteem requires us to rejoice and count it all joy, instead, of waiting on others to declare what we should or should not enjoy.  The Joy of the Lord is a believers strength.

Yes, some of us have been on that mountain too long, and it is high time that we take heed to the divine word of God that was spoken into our lives, and break forth to a new day. Let old things be passed away, and behold all things become new. Walk through the transparent doors and take our rightful place through the torrents and storms of life.  Faithful believers know that God has spoken;  let the church say amen.

We are his creations, and he chose to use each of us for the purpose in which he called us.  Let us get in the word, and find out how we can build our lives on foundations that are solid in the truth, wisdom, and faith.  (St. John 15:16-17) Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain : that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.  It appears that when he ordained us, he gave us the Spirit of love, because he commanded us to love one another.  where there is love, it would have to be the presence of God, because God is Love. 
(See  I. John 3:, 4:)

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